10. The big O, the Prostatectomy


The last meeting before anyone has the operation is the compulsory ‘Pre-prostatectomy preparation clinic’. This is where the hospital team tell you what will happen during and immediately after the operation. This meeting should occur two weeks before the operation. It is so important that if you fail to attend this meeting you cannot have the operation. I managed to get the date of the appointment mixed up with another so when I realised and got to the hospital it was too late to join so I had to attend the next seminar which just happened to be the day before my operation.Read More »

9. Men do actually talk, well sometimes


Once a year my church holds a men’s breakfast meeting. This is where the men of the church and their invited male guests get together and to talk and listen to a series of discussions concerning men.

It’s a popular belief that men don’t talk. Well give us the right environment and we will talk. In fact, we will talk quite happily until the cows come home. We just won’t do it during our partners favourite television program, the split second we walk through the door, when we are actively trying to get some sex. We also don’t expect our partners to have the telepathic abilities to sense not only when we want to talk but what we want to talk about too.Read More »

6. Your gun or mine

Biopsy Gun

The ultrasound examination was a simple piece of cake compared to my last experience with lubricating gel and finger puppets. This was a simple external check around the pelvic area. Only those trained individuals can make sense of what these blurry and smudge like images seem to mean. It only took thirty odd minutes and the nurse was satisfied enough to say it was completed.

The flow rate test is where you pee into a machine that looks like a portable urinal and measures the strength and consistency of flow. It’s as simple as that.Read More »