32. The Other Side


I was fascinated by DeeDee’s dad, Richard, from the last blog. I really wanted to learn more about his story. A couple of days later I asked her if she thought he would be up for an interview. She came back and said “Well that was easier that I thought it would be. He told me to give you his number.” I called him a couple of days later and we agreed to meet, two days later.Read More »

31. Déjà vu – Part 2. You’re only suppose to blow the church doors off and collect the cheque!


It was expected to be a simple job, just pick up a cheque, on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK. It was from a church that had recently completed some fundraising. I had volunteered to do the job because, though I didn’t recognise the name of the church at first, it was local to my mums address and I had never done a cheque collection. From what I understood all you needed to do was to go and pick up a cheque, possibly say a few words and it’s a done deal.

Of course, it was never going to be that simple for me.Read More »

30. Déjà vu – Part 1


Work as normal

A couple of weeks after settling back into work my good friend Jem forwarded a google post that she had seen that had been sent internally. There was going to be a lunch and learn session in our workplace (a session on a particular topic heard during lunch time) on prostate cancer. I was very grateful as otherwise I would have missed it completely as sending a message via a google community has a limited audience.    Read More »

29. Contradictions


After a record breaking number of views from guest blogger Annette, I asked the only other person to be up close and personal to my journey to say a few words – Boss mum. It was only 7 pm on a weekday night so I knew she was still up. After what seemed like an eternity (It was actually a battle of wills and stamina to shift her from the TV), she answered the phone.Read More »

28. Ironic


Hello it’s Annette.

Peter asked me to do a ‘guest spot’ on his blog and I was reluctant. Not because I don’t have anything to say but more because I don’t know how it will be received – by him, his friends, the general public.

And then I thought – I’ve just had a conversation with my eldest about being herself – owning her gifts, not concerning herself with what other people think as that’s none of her business. It’s what she thinks of herself that is important (and she is quite amazing, by the way). She told me I am inspiring – I fought back a tear. So, here it is – my take on this journey.Read More »