35. On the radio they should have said delays can be life changing

radioI briefly mentioned Alberto and his dad in my last blog. Alberto had interrupted myself and Charles dispensing TV justice to thank me for the prostate cancer talk that I did in the workplace a few weeks previously. He was to go on and have a story that left me open mouthed.

I met Alberto in the reception with his dad Giovanni and his wife Rosa. Giovanni certainly didn’t look sixty five.Read More »

34. Resolutions and Sweetcorn


I used to make New Year resolutions every year. I could usually then count how many I kept up with towards the end of the year on no fingers. In recent years I have gone for a more goal and objective structure, with slightly better success. One year I decided that I was going to cut out loose sugar completely. Years later I have still kept to it. For many years I had tried to curb my high intake of diet coke without success. I would not go as far to say addicted but I made them some decent profits. I would have at least one can a day and over the weekend I could easily make my way through a two litre bottle and still have room for more. This year, not only did I cold turkey it to just one day at the end of the month, I have discovered that on that one day I am not bothered if I do or don’t have one.Read More »