52. Knowing me that light at the end of the tunnel, might just be lighting.

tunnel-2Between my last blog entry, which was only two weeks ago, things were being thrown at me thick and fast. All just a few days apart…

New Job

At the new job, on the first Friday of every month the newbies have to tell the rest of the teams a little about themselves. They also have to present two truths and a lie for the teams to try and guess the lie.

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51. Would you like some Ketchup on those fish and blogs


I had intended to use my fiftieth blog entry to catch up on people and blogs that I had mentioned or featured previously. That was the plan until that rouge PSA count knocked me for six.

I went from a leanish, meanish killing machine to a cuddly, grumpy food Death Star. I stubbornly kept that up until the end of the May then I was back to eating healthy and a resolve to lose weight. I am even giving up on the ice cream (nothing to do with the last couple of tubs being full of ice and turning the night air blue).  So a couple of weeks later here it is.

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