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These are newspaper articles that I have found or been advised about regarding the latest advancements and news relating to Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer now overtakes breast cancer as UK’s most diagnosed cancer

My blog is mentioned in the comments section of the article

Prostate Cancer Risk management Programme – Official documentation 2016

01/03/19 Evening Standard – Prostate cancer causes too many deaths but we can stop the threat early

George Monbiot’s brilliant article  – Unprostrated

Feature on Prostate Cancer – Evening Standard

Feature on Prostate Cancer – The Sun

Prostate Cancer Proton Beam Therapy

21/10/18 Guardian – Prostate Cancer and Radiotherapy

02/01/19 Evening Standard – New Prostate Cancer Surgery Technique

22/01/19 Evening Standard – Prostate Cancer ‘Trojan Horse’ approach

24/01/16 Daily Mail – Prostate Cancer survival rates

The mpMRI scanner

da Vinci Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

MRI scan should be routine for all suspected prostate cancer discoveries

13/08/19 Prostate Cancer blood test

03/08/19 Prostate Cancer Highlighter Pen

28/09/19 Prostate op patients could be spared radiotherapy

22/10/19 Dairy could raise your prostate risk

04/12/19 Breast cancer drug ‘can halt prostate tumours’

01/06/22 New Prostate Cancer Cure?