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These are newspaper articles that I have found or been advised about regarding the latest advancements and news relating to Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer Risk management Programme – Official documentation 2016

01/03/19 Evening Standard – Prostate cancer causes too many deaths but we can stop the threat early

George Monbiot’s brilliant article  – Unprostrated

Feature on Prostate Cancer – Evening Standard

Feature on Prostate Cancer – The Sun

Prostate Cancer Proton Beam Therapy

21/10/18 Guardian – Prostate Cancer and Radiotherapy

02/01/19 Evening Standard – New Prostate Cancer Surgery Technique

22/01/19 Evening Standard – Prostate Cancer ‘Trojan Horse’ approach

24/01/16 Daily Mail – Prostate Cancer survival rates

The mpMRI scanner

da Vinci Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

MRI scan should be routine for all suspected prostate cancer discoveries

13/08/19 Prostate Cancer blood test

03/08/19 Prostate Cancer Highlighter Pen

28/09/19 Prostate op patients could be spared radiotherapy

22/10/19 Dairy could raise your prostate risk