29. Prostate cancer : Contradictions


After a record breaking number of views from last weeks guest blogger Annette, I asked the only other person to be up close and personal to my journey to say a few words – Boss mum. It was only seven pm on a weekday night so I knew she was still up. After what seemed like an eternity (It was actually a battle of wills and stamina to shift her from the TV), she answered the phone.Read More »

27. Prostate cancer : So how did you say you were again Mr Ellis?

Funerial director“So how are you?”

It’s question that I am asked quite often in passing conversation. I smile and always reply along the lines of,

“I’m alright you know” or “I’m good, the recovery is long but it’s going in the right direction”

When people see me in person they comment that I look really well and some have even remarked that I have lost weight (I like those people even more). What people are really asking is,

“Are you OK?”Read More »

26. Prostate cancer : OK Sonny Jim, answer our questions and make it easier on yourself

The Sopranos 2I sat there surrounded on all sides by the power behind PCUK. The massive halogen light on the desk was shining relentlessly and furiously in my face, reducing my eye pupils to mere pinpricks. I could not give bodily detail or numbers to my captures, just the sense of their urgency. I could almost taste the stale cigarette breath of the guy directly behind me as he breathed too menacingly close. They wanted answers and he was going to get them.Read More »

25. Prostate cancer : It’s not unusual, how could it be its me


Thomas John Woodward and the Facehugger from the Alien sci-fi horror franchise would on the face of it have absolutely nothing in common.

One has entertained millions and sold over one hundred million records while the other has scared the willies out of millions and made many millions more at the box office.

Little was I to know that I would be the missing link to bring them together. As only I ever could.Read More »

24. Prostate cancer : Padlocks, force fields and light bulbs

lightbulb 2The shirt was crisp and new, shoes had achieved a mirror like polish and the suit was doing it. Leaflets and presentation packed. I was so ready and excited heading out to my first solo venture for PCUK in Croydon. I got there in plenty of time and pulled up to the gate. Banners? Cheerleaders? Waving crowds? Nope, nudda and keep hoping. Instead one great big hefty padlock and chain on the gate and a deserted building. The word was out then about my latest talk. Oh, and not to think a sign of ‘impending doom’ but it began to chuck it down. All that was missing was thunder, Halloween type music coming from the trees and a dark sinister mist descending from nowhere.Read More »

23. Prostate cancer : Work, the big talk and a slap in the face

Mic 2Watson told me what his doctor said and I repeated it back to him, much louder and in disbelief. As you know I am not a man of violence but I had to stop the car because I was so mad and at that precise moment I wanted to slap this doctor straight in the chops with a nice full warm catheter bag. It was such an egregious and disgusting lie that this doctor had told his patient. Doctors are meant to care about their patients right? I was absolutely livid. If fact I was strangely more upset than Watson was. I began to calm down, slowly.Read More »