51. Would you like some Ketchup on those fish and blogs


I had intended to use my fiftieth blog entry to catch up on people and blogs that I had mentioned or featured previously. That was the plan until that rouge PSA count knocked me for six.

I went from a leanish, meanish killing machine to a cuddly, grumpy food Death Star. I stubbornly kept that up until the end of the May then I was back to eating healthy and a resolve to lose weight. I am even giving up on the ice cream (nothing to do with the last couple of tubs being full of ice and turning the night air blue).  So a couple of weeks later here it is.

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50. If You’re Lying, I’ll Be Back

TerminatorElisabeth Kuber-Ross was a famous Swiss-American psychiatrist, specialising in working with terminally ill patients. Her most famous work was her book ‘on Death and Dying’. Within it she devised the Kubler-Ross model which was originally intended to describe the emotional states experienced by terminally ill patients. It is popularly known as the five stages of grief. The five stages are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. That has since been revised and Shock has been added as the first stage.

The Bucannon-Ellis model (have to make it sound scientific and posh) has eight stages. They however differ considerably from the Kuber-Ross model. They are: Shock,  Cuss, Evaluation, Nothing, Lie and Believe, Binge, Plan & F-youRead More »

49. Not all Anniversaries are good but hey.


Last Friday the battery in my van had run down and I needed one of the tires reflated, so I called out the AA. About twenty minutes later along came Dave. A cheery, talkative chap. I soon found out that he was actually studying for the Knowledge. For those outside London that’s where trainee black cab drivers learn all the roads and streets of London and be able to describe in detail how to get from point A to point B from memory.Read More »