92. If Your Name Is Not On The List, You Cannot Come In. You Can Thank Me Later

BouncersFrom the exclusive gentleman’s clubs that would not allow women to join to the golf clubs that would not allow black players to play. There are many clubs throughout the world that people have fought, long and hard to join and a few that people don’t want to be a part of.

There are three that I definitely don’t want to be a part of either the 14,000 club, the radiation and hormone therapy club or the 94% club.Read More »

91. Crypto Lilly, Now Thats A Funny Looking Chick

cryptoIt’s been one of them months of ups and downs.

Most of the up’s have been fantastic. The new job is fantastic, I am happy, content and I am appreciated. I am running 5km, non-stop, three times a week in under 30 minutes, just me and the manky foxes at 5am. I have lost weight. I had taken a gamble with crypto and made an unbelievable 4000% return on a small investment. Yes, King you can even get in and take piece of the happy pie. Look at you, looking your best since the de-prostrating.

You beautiful, impressive brute, you.Read More »