Peter Ellis is a remarkable man. He came to our Harrow Road Community Champion Hub towards the end November 2018 to talk to men about Prostate Cancer. His was a moving story that captured the attention of both young and old men. He led the talk in such an open and friendly manner that everyone felt free to ask questions. What an inspirational man, providing insight into this horrible condition and helping men to get tested. His talk on the 26th November 2018 will have a mass impact on many men, their brothers, sons, nephews and friends. We need more men like him to spearhead the campaign against Prostate Cancer. Thank you Peter for coming to our group. One direct result of your talk is that more people in the community want to have more information on topics such as Type 2 Diabetes, Dementia, and other forms of cancer.

Michelle, Craftpersons of London


Peter, Thank you for coming down Friday it was great meeting you. Your presentation had a great impact on everyone. The work you are doing is great and I will make sure that everyone has your blog details.

Alan, Atlassian Construction


Well, what have I learnt from Peter’s candid presentation? Don’t be embarrassed and certainly don’t be fobbed off! Surprisingly a simple blood test (PSA) is not done as a standard health check so you have to ask for it – I didn’t know that before his talk.

If you’re thinking of getting Peter in for an awareness talk go for it and don’t just invite men into the audience. I may be a woman (I don’t have a prostate!) but my husband does, my father does and my brother does.  All of an age where they could be at risk.

Peter is so honest and open about his journey with prostate cancer that you can’t help but feel you want to share it with others.  I hope you do, this is such a horrible condition that if it’s caught before you show any symptoms you’re more likely to have successful treatment.

Jo Dentry, Advantage Travel Partnership


Hi Peter,
Well, after not seeing you for many a year, I find myself needing to contact you about your blog.
Sharon signed me up to it and I am rather glad she did. Obviously you have been through hell the last year, but the way you have made good out of an awful situation, and made people laugh too, is more than impressive.
And now the personal bit…
After taking your recommendation, once I finished celebrating me hitting 50, I took myself of to the GP for a PSA.
Dodgy result arrived on Christmas Eve, PSA of 4.74. My GP ‘phoned me to say an emergency referral would be made in the next few days. With it being Christmas, I thought mid Jan at the earliest.
On the 27th December I got a text asking me to attend Bart’s the following morning. Had a chat with a consultant who ordered an MRI. It was all a bit of a whirl.
Had MRI a few days later, as you know, quite the experience. I did actually laugh during the scan as with all the various beeps, squeaks and booming noises the machine makes, I was taken back to my time in the raving 90’s!
Returned to the hospital a couple of weeks later, not knowing what to expect. Yes, I had practiced what I would tell people etc. etc. however, I wasn’t as worried as I could have been because of your blog; if the result was bad, I knew what would likely be the shape of 2019 for me.
Thankfully, the result came back clear. I know that won’t make you feel any better, but please know your blog helped enormously. Something I could not pass without saying a huge thanks.
So, thank you Peter. Thank you very, very much.
All the best to you, your family & The King.
P.S. I am now pushing my friends to get tested and I recommended to the consultant that he read your blog too!