Peter Ellis at the Black Business Show, London 2019



KTOC Talk 28th February 2019 – Mr Rick Popert is a clinical consultant urological surgeon. Here he tells us about the PSA test and his battle to establish the transperinal biopsy the biopsy of choice for prostrate cancer detection. The transperinal biopsy is not only safer that the transrectal biopsy it detects cancers that the transrectal biopsy misses at a staggeringly high rate.


KTOC Talk 28th February 2019 – Chris Cottrell was given a grim diagnosis from the doctors. After initial reluctance from the UK medical profession to operate on his stage 4 prostate cancer, it was a Belgium surgeon that finally operated on him. After a round of horrendous chemotherapy his PSA finally became undetectable. A little while later his PSA would start to creep up again. Then he discovered through exercise not only could he predict his future PSA readings he could actually reverse them.


KTOC Talk 28th February 2019 – Peter Ellis