37. Food for thought, Now I know how I got Prostate Cancer

TV RemoteThe holy grail of prostate cancer has been revealed – how men can actually get it. This is huge and I was there when it was announced. It was quite an unforgettable evening, one I shall not forget in a hurry.

I was in church the other day, just minding my business as you do, and I saw someone that I knew. I am not using the term friend as other than church we do not socialise but we do always greet each other. He smiled and we shook hands and he said he had seen my testimony and it was very powerful. He asked me how I was doing. I smiled back and said I was fine, the recovery takes a long time but that I am fine.Read More »

35. On the radio they should have said delays can be life changing

radioI briefly mentioned Alberto and his dad in my last blog. Alberto had interrupted myself and Charles dispensing TV justice to thank me for the prostate cancer talk that I did in the workplace a few weeks previously. He was to go on and have a story that left me open mouthed.

I met Alberto in the reception with his dad Giovanni and his wife Rosa. Giovanni certainly didn’t look sixty five.Read More »