34. Resolutions and Sweetcorn


I used to make New Year resolutions every year. I could usually then count how many I kept up with towards the end of the year on no fingers. In recent years I have gone for a more goal and objective structure, with slightly better success. One year I decided that I was going to cut out loose sugar completely. Years later I have still kept to it. For many years I had tried to curb my high intake of diet coke without success. I would not go as far to say addicted but I made them some decent profits. I would have at least one can a day and over the weekend I could easily make my way through a two litre bottle and still have room for more. This year, not only did I cold turkey it to just one day at the end of the month, I have discovered that on that one day I am not bothered if I do or don’t have one.Read More »

31. Déjà vu – Part 2. You’re only suppose to blow the church doors off and collect the cheque!


It was expected to be a simple job, just pick up a cheque, on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK. It was from a church that had recently completed some fundraising. I had volunteered to do the job because, though I didn’t recognise the name of the church at first, it was local to my mums address and I had never done a cheque collection. From what I understood all you needed to do was to go and pick up a cheque, possibly say a few words and it’s a done deal.

Of course, it was never going to be that simple for me.Read More »