47. Home Sweet Home

Crab 1Last Friday was the long awaited UK Blog Awards ‘Ceremony’. As you may or may not know I was selected as one of the eight finalists that entered my particular category.

With the absence of any health categories ‘Wellbeing’ was the nearest I could select, but not ideal. The only other choice would have been ‘Lifestyle’.

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45. Rock, Paper, Scissors and Dumba**

Rock Paper Scissors 2Fresh with the horrific statistics that I present to them, at just about every talk that I give on prostate cancer I am asked the question “Why is there not a national screening programme for prostate cancer?” Related to that, If you were one of the many proactive men that went to go and see your GP about getting a PSA test and ended up being dissuaded from, outright refused or even lied to the origins of that may be rooted in a health paper that was published just over three years to the day…Read More »

44. Explaining Rocket Science 101 to my unwanted and uninvited cousin Ed

Thunderbird 1

Mention prostate cancer to a man and generally the first thought that comes into his head is his tackle. Not cancer or death but what is it going to do with his tackle. I get it, I really do. Overnight I had gone from, as the French would say, ‘Le Magnifique’ to the post surgery and depressing ‘Minuscule et idiot’. Or in keeping to our title theme I had gone from the majestic, powerful command centre they call Thunderbird One to a broken version of the silly, stubby aquatic little Thunderbird Four.

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