99. Is That An X-Ray or A Gamma in Your Pocket?

SheHulk 2Another appointment at Guys hospital. It had changed a bit since I was last there. Many people were still wearing masks but the table with the security guard handing out the mandatory masks had gone. So had the many hand sanitisers dotted around the first floor. I have to admit even after my second tussle with the dreaded Vid a couple of months back I can count on one hand the last time I used a mask.Read More »

98. Unfortunately, Every Silver Lining Is Part of A Cloud That Has or Will S%*@ On You.

bond-villains-goldfinger-laserThis was going to be a very different type of talk to the standard Prostate Cancer Awareness talk. This was for a hospital, up in north London and it was for a group that already had prostate cancer. Once I looked at the map, I then realised that it was actually in deepest, darkest, north west London and I would need to take the day off. And so the journey began….Read More »

92. If Your Name Is Not On The List, You Cannot Come In. You Can Thank Me Later

BouncersFrom the exclusive gentleman’s clubs that would not allow women to join to the golf clubs that would not allow black players to play. There are many clubs throughout the world that people have fought, long and hard to join and a few that people don’t want to be a part of.

There are three that I definitely don’t want to be a part of either the 14,000 club, the radiation and hormone therapy club or the 94% club.Read More »