107. Talks, Reports and Rusty Nails

Rusty nails

It’s been a busy month, this little olde month of May. It started with my birthday, which was very nice. I didn’t do much, which is what I wanted. I did however eat and drink lots of the food and drinks that I shouldn’t. I was going to take this to the line. We gained a new King and bank holiday, I spoke to some peeps about prostate cancer, a group of professors have nothing better to do then come out with some nonsense reports, I got some new tattoos, finished a college course and the month will end with me being irradiated like a pack of dried fruit. Oh and a little announcement.

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106. Talk Until It Drops Out

GiraffeIt’s been a quiet month by my usual standards.

By that I mean I have not been chased by anything on four legs, anyone on two legs or anything else for that matter. This month has included quite a lot of talking about prostate cancer in one form or another.

Back in January this year, I did an Awareness talk at a company called Sapio. I was fed and watered, very nicely, which always bodes well. There were 16 people in the office, that day, and I had 100% attendance. I was on a roll. They were engaged and enjoyed the presentation as much as I enjoyed giving it.  That could have been the end of it but out of the blue I got a ping on LinkedIn that I had been tagged in a post. I usually get immediate feedback from the companies or associations that I speak at. Sapio, was no different on the day so this post was an amazing first that I will treasure. Read More »

96. Those Lying Grabbing Machines Are Not Only At The Seaside. Part 1

ClawYou may have played the machine as a child, at the very least you have seen it working. I can remember turning the air blue and slapping and banging the thing in frustration more than a few times. You deposited your coins, the machines grabber moved forward, then left, then right, then you hit the button of no return. The grabber slowly and expectantly descended into the rich sea of mouth-watering prizes. You shouted, you pleaded, begged even but ninety nine percent of the time it did nothing but grab sweet air.  

But that one percent was where the grabber actually caught the prize, shook it a little and maybe even lifted it before it slipped out of the grabbers clutches and back into the abyss.Read More »