91. Crypto Lilly, Now Thats A Funny Looking Chick

cryptoIt’s been one of them months of ups and downs.

Most of the up’s have been fantastic. The new job is fantastic, I am happy, content and I am appreciated. I am running 5km, non-stop, three times a week in under 30 minutes, just me and the manky foxes at 5am. I have lost weight. I had taken a gamble with crypto and made an unbelievable 4000% return on a small investment. Yes, King you can even get in and take piece of the happy pie. Look at you, looking your best since the de-prostrating.

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89. Decisions, Decisions and What Flavour of Crisps Would You Like?

Crisps Packet

I was minding my business working when I got a call from an old friend, who I am going to call Osman. Now Osman was one of my groomsmen at my wedding, so we go back a while and are good friends, we always have a laugh and I always remind him how he is punching above his weight with his lovely wife. Now, having not heard from Osman for a while I smiled at seeing his name on the phones display.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill, rather rapidily from there.

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88. Only 25 and He Died so Bravely on Stage, Is There a Doctor In the House?

25th Mug

I was excited, I was rehearsed, and I was raring to go. This was my first live in person talk in nearly two years of Mr Pandemic reeking carnage. It was in the prestigious Mansion House in Central London to celebrate Prostate Cancer UK’s 25th birthday. It is the majestic official residence of the Mayor of London and we don’t talk about the ingenious way the building was funded way back in 1739.

Invited were the leaders and staff of Prostate Cancer UK along with their biggest clients and supporters. Prostate Cancer UK have hundreds of volunteers and yet they asked me to do this talk. No, they didn’t lose their telephone book either. This was my time. Now knowing me, what could possibly go wrong?Read More »

86. Building Bridges

BridgePops has been in hospital for a couple of weeks. He was having some pains in his shoulder, so they operated on him.

While they fixed the problem with his shoulder, they also discovered that he had a blood clot in his bowel. The clot could dislodge itself or get worse. Now, because he also has an internal bleed somewhere they cannot give him blood thinners. Currently they are giving him a pint of blood a day.

His list of ailments would make a couple of good episodes of ‘Gray’s Anatomy’….

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