103. A Triple D Cup but Unfortunately Not The Nice Type

Cobweb-Bra-2So, you get de-prostrated and after the immediate side effects begin to subside, you are confident in the knowledge that you should no longer have a PSA reading. It’s undetectable. And for me, so it was for quite a while.

I saw this movie trailer on one of the socials for a horror film called ‘It Follows’. The premise is quite simple. A ‘curse’ is passed on when you have sex with someone. The entity then follows the last person in the sexual link. When the entity catches up with that last person they are treated to a quite horrible, limbs contorted and ripped off manner of death. The entity silently walks at normal pace, never hurry’s or runs. It has all the time in the world. It showed real promise in the trailer but it was as scary as watching prime ministers question time.Read More »